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Hannibal Lecter + scars (remake)

bonus: Mads Mikkelsen’s nose scar

bonus bonus:


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This is a very important gifset

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In which Mads does not know how to dress himself [x]

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Star Trek or Porno 

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I saw Lucy today! It was definitely an… interesting movie. Other than that, GUYS LOOK AT THESE COOL FREEBIES I GOT FROM BEST BUY! They’re giving away The Hunger Games posters, Mockingjay pins, and FREE MOVIE TICKETS! It’s only at select stores though, here’s a list of the ones that are participating if you’re interested [x] You have to go to the Samsung area of the store, and watch the trailer for Hunger Games on one of the tablets. It only takes like a minute.

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"In any story the villain is the catalyst. The more powerful they are, the more exciting a story is."

How is Walter White a villain? He’s an anti-hero.

Gee, I guess you missed the part were he poisoned a kid. And yknow, also had a bunch of people killed so that he can continue running his meth empire.


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Hannibal vs Mads | Season 2 [x]

Season 1

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Hannibal Lecter + scruff facial hair requested by anonymous
(Hannibal seems to be perpetually scruffy, much like the actor who portrays him)

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